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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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monday occurred immediately outside the front door of saturday night's victim. we know through anecdotal information that there were multiple people out front that spoke to the suspect and the victims immediately prior to the homicide. and yet we have no information. i totally understand that it is difficult to come forward for safety's sake. there are people in the neighborhoods that do have the influence that could give us a strong assistance in making it stopped right now while we try to come up with a long-range solution. the violence -- homicides are up this year. even though gun violence is down. it is hard to believe, but 6 or
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7% of those people shot are falling victim to homicide as a result of the shootings. something else that happened over the week, we detained eight gentlemen -- a gentleman. this particular person was having a mental episode as of the end of gen. he was submitted for a mental evaluation having to firearms in the car. since then, there were further complaints from the neighborhood. he was living out of his car. officers contacted him later in july. fountain to be in possession of several firearms -- found him to be in possession of several firearms and several thousand rounds of ammunition. he is in custody right now. the first set of guns are in custody as evidence. no one was injured.
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we have had some good news to report, if you will. we have started the meeting with all the stations. the officers were concerned with this level of violence. we are rolling with several 6 -- schedule changes that will afford us more officers. they should pick us up about 16,000 extra days patrol by the officers, which is equivalent to 66 officers in a time we are losing officers all the time to retirement. we do appreciate the staffing plan that will hire three a year. all of our summer youth programs are coming to a close. a graduations, i just signed several certificates.
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as we get them ready to go back to school, we are excited for them. national night out will be held on august 7. it is important because of what has been taking place across the city with regard to violence. if the commissioners would like to note the schedules and what time to be there, that is fine. i will be spending most of my time in the southern end of the city. that is where i think my presence is required right now. i am going to make my comments brief tonight because i think the night to make a late. i appreciate commissioner marshall yesterday's sitting in on a citywide meeting as he tried to explore every option. >> thank you, chief.
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i spoke to the chief before 7:00 this morning. he is very concerned about the violence. he takes each and every one of these homicides personally. he is visiting the crime scenes, talking to the families, talking to the community. you do not see that often. his concern is that there are a lot of issues that become political issues as people get concerned -- that people get concerned about. i just wish there was as much concern about the homicide out in the senate bill as there are about other issues in this town. -- sunny dale as there are about other issues in this town. that is why we picked you to be chief because we knew he would be very proactive. whenever you need from the commission to help you. you were helping the community with the democratic club. it was very important. thank you.
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>> that concludes my report. >> i just have one quick thing. it is incumbent upon us as commissioners to continue to also share the chief's concern about what is happening. we had a meeting near the housing project last week and heard from members of the community who are terrified. the chief is aware of the spread the commission is aware of this. we asked if there is a resource issue, additional resources that we need. it is not ok -- we are talking about young men dying on the streets. oftentimes, those cases are going on salt. it is an issue that we need to continue to look at. whenever you need to curb the
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violence and hold the offenders accountable. . >> is disconcerting the number of homicides. we're having this problem in the mission, we had coordinated manpower targeting the community. are we doing not -- are we doing that are retaking a different tactic? >> the last incident was on july 1st. we're having a tremendous success. this is happened -- that is a completely different set. nabih will expand and address that, too. normally -- now we will expand at an address that, too. normally, this is cross-gang. you're looking for the person who is not where they're
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supposed to be. in this incident, people are exactly where they're supposed to be. >> thank you. >> 2b is the occ director's report. >> we are going to defer a report until the next meeting when the director of returns. >> thank you very much. in the questions? -- any questions? >> 2c commission reports and discussion. >> a follow-up, in response to the violence, we had our police commission last wednesday at our lady of visitation church.
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it was very well attended and we heard from the community. we learned about the homicides. i appreciate the chief for being there and the command staff. the most telling part was the nun. she spoke with myself and another commissioner. i asked her about the children that they educate from the housing projects. she told me, commissioner, the things they see, the things they hear. the extra counseling we have to bring in. he'll have to realize the impact this is having on children -- you have to realize the impact this is having on children. people are killing each other for no good reason. maybe it is time we listened to the children. it was a very good meeting that we had out there.
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we support the police department. i want to thank the chief. >> 2d, commission announcements and scheduling of the items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. we are dark next week, but will be back on august 15. >> items for future consideration? ok, hearing nine. i will call public comment on 2a, b, c, and d. >> good evening.
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about what is going on in sunnydale, i heard a year ago that there were major developments going down in the actual projects. if we were to make it a reality for the residents who live in that area to be responsible for the development that is going down as it relates to their living conditions, dwelling place, places they will be seeing every day, you will change the scenery. you hear about what they see every day. when you think about a battle ground or a playground. as we look around with this
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situation and what is going down, the fact that it is so run down, it provides a perfect canvas and perfect background for what is going on. you cannot oftentimes look to the kids or the community to invest any of their resources in stopping something. you have to hold those accountable in the justice system. you use the justice system to combat violence. i did not feel that is adequate. we have to use the opposite of violence, which is loving care. providing -- provide a little more care to the community. we have to feed the kids and educate the kids on how to talk.
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>> thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening. i will tell you where your first problem lies. you are not listening to the people from the community. you are trying to solve a problem without addressing the root of the problem. the route of the problem, a 53% of the person -- people incarcerated right now, last year made less than $10,000 a year. that is the root of the problem. we need opportunities. we need better schools. we need -- police got so much money, how about you put some of that money toward city college? maybe we will not have so many killings and murders and robberies going on. use and all these police out. you hire all these new police
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and the murders get salt. what is it doing? -- and no murders get solved. what is it doing? wasting our taxpayer dollars. that is what i see. >> [inaudible] >> commissioners, good evening. i want to reiterate something i brought up two years ago. this city, on top of multiple murders, has a high unsolved murder rate. it relates to murders taking place today. they go on the books. unsolved to this day. i know the police department's this still be short 18-25 investigators.
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there -- we have murders and we have multiple unsolved murders. it compounds itself in the city. the man who spoke before me talking about the disparity of the community or somebody makes $10,000 a year and a police officer makes $150,000 a year. do is arresting who? it is a major problem. the various weapons systems that you want to buy comes back to the same issue. the police department is a very effective force. investigations of murder go on warranted. they are not even discussed 60 days after they take place. the community at large is sick of that.
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i am sick of that. i have been a resident of the city for 44 years. i want to take place in the newspapers. the families are still there. the victims are still there. thank you for your time. [applause] >> i am bringing up again about the unsolved murders. you cannot heal the people and the children. you're talking about making things look better. you are putting a band-aid over it. until the unsolved murders are getting solved -- there are still retaliation going on. these people remember and they see the people who did it and they're killing again. how long are we going to lead
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our children die? these people, these children have brothers and sisters. innocent kids are being murdered. this is a mental condition. we carry that with us every day. the kids are not learning because they are writing essays about their murdered family members. what do we do about this? we need to do something about this. we should not have to go out and put our pictures and hang them up for people to tear them down. we need help. i do not know how many times i can say this. it has been five or six years since my son was murdered. he died saving someone else's life. i put him in catholic school. i did everything i was supposed
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to do as a mother and his life is gone. you have children. i know you do.
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you have nieces. it is not as people of color. it is everybody. we need to do something. i am tired of crying. i am tired of looking at the news every day and seeing people die. give us a little bit of closure. just a little bit. something. so that we can close our eyes and go to sleep at night. >> thank you, mrs. brown. next speaker. >> the police are talking about
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community violence with any kind of authority. historically, the sfpd have exploited committed to violence in order to justify your own violence in our communities. it is ironic that the police would have the nerve to come into our communities and teach conflict resolution, right? i think you guys need conflict resolution. i think it would be an incredible use of resources. the overspending that we do on law-enforcement and san francisco could be beautifully spent on some type of conflict resolution training, some kind of sensitivity training. you are talking about having our kids not use guns on the street. i'd like to see the san francisco police do that. what you are seeing in our communities is what happens in any low income community.
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when you destroy the financial infrastructure, people start fighting over crumbs. that is what is happening. we are lacking services. this is not a problem the police can solve. i would like for the police to go home and focus on the violence that you bring into our communities instead of asking us to solve it. >> next speaker. >> i will have to go back and check the tapes. maybe six times, president has
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praised the hell had of the chief of police. the idea that this body is objective with that kind of behaviorit is an abuse of your , and were it not for the oversight, this commission would not exist. thank you >> i am a tenant organizer. they come in their hostile. a lot of people have mental issues.
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they come in grabbing their guns, and people with mental issues automatically get hostile spirit of our walk around in those neighborhoods. they do not approach those people the same way they approached me. if i am walking around the street, they put their hand on their guns. as soon as they see a black male or a brown mail, automatically their hands go for the gun. they need the police department in the black community or the ground community to sit down and talk. you do not need another weapons
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system. gooat the end it is going to be another dead body on the street, and you have more high-tech weapons and the crimes are still unsolved. we need to talk. >> public comment is now close. i halves a quick question. we would like to solve every homicide, but i think the solve rates have improved. like>> is 58%. it is twice what it used to be. >> let's call the next item. >> line item 3, discussion and possible action, presentation on
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energy devices, discussion to approved a pilot program were to take other action. >> i want to give a little background. the chief has the right to ask the things be put on the calendar for public comment period is up for discussion, and the timing is because the chief said he could not go any longer without addressing this issue, so this is an issue we need to address tonight. i hope we have good conversation about what is right, what is going to save more lives, and i appreciate no comments from the audience. if you are interrupted, if it is not helping others, but we are going to hear from the community, and the chief wants
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to know if we are going to do this pilot program. he says he cannot wait any longer. i am going to turn it over for the introduction. >> i did want to state my objection to having this agenda item heard tonight, and i want to explain why. last wednesday we had a commission meeting, and we had our usual agenda, and we had a commission items for different meetings. i was waiting to see if anyone was bringing up the issue. i was surprised nothing was brought about all. good -- brought up at all. when i received the package on
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friday, i happened to glance at it, and i know this the only item was of programs for energy devices. it has taken a lot of my time. i have been upset this is happening so quickly without public input, without notice this is happening. normally we tried to be more organized about scheduling. normally there is more discussion. lastly i want to point out we passed a resolution, and i was among the people who supported this resolution, and the resolution was supports the region was approved in february of last year, and it -- and the resolution was approved in february of last year. i believe it was a six-one vote.
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it was an overwhelming majority of the commission that wanted this done, but i want to consider whether we want this done given the lack of notice to the broader public end to the commission. our resolution is to authorize the chief of police and to members of the police commission -- two members of the police commission for use of force and the equipment and to investigate and evaluate hazers -- tasers and all other less lethal weapons based on research and development of a program. further, to develop the proposals in communities of color, lgbt, and other members of the community, and to set
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forth costs and other factors of the plan. gooto report back to the commisn within 90 days, also to direct the chief of police to make recommendations on changes to tactical training regarding the use of force within 90 days. this is subject to prior approval by the commission. we have never met. to my understanding, there has been no consultation with any in the community outside of of few phone calls asking to support tasers. there has been no discussion of whether it would be a good idea. there has been no research of other less lethal weapons. i reached out to a competitor because they had contacted me and asked if they have ever
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heard from the department or received a response, and i have e-mailed proves they have not responded to deliver information, so i am concerned we are moving forward without having done any homework. i would like to moves to remove this agenda item tonight. is not affected? -- is that a second? >> second. i was not a member of this commission in february of 2011. i joined this commission in june. i have not even had the benefit of reading the resolution i am bound by, and if i am bound by it, and the rest of the commission is bound by it. good behold a duty to the


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